This guide will show how to create a signing key and a JWT token to test one of the Authentication providers Realm offers.

There are two main scenarios for requiring Custom JWT Authentication.

  1. Using your own custom authentication to sign and validate JWT tokens.

This guide will focus on the creation of custom signing keys and JWT tokens to authenticate your users on your Realm App.


You will need to download the example project provided to create a signing key and JWT tokens that you are going to use later…

The aim of this tutorial is to learn how to use Custom Resolvers for complex use cases.


Realm offers several simple ways to provide third-party access to our data. One of them can be through the so-called Webhooks ( Through these, we could offer in a controlled way different endpoints to access our services and therefore our data.

A real example would be to provide such webhooks to customers or partners so that they can access certain information necessary for the business logic existing within that particular use case.

However, this way of solving this problem has certain disadvantages. …

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